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스물 여덟번째 강의 주제 - Family / Friends

오픽 시험준비 28 일차 강의에서는 " 비 주력 주제 "" 가족 / 친구 " 에 대해서 공부했습니다.

" 가족 / 친구 " 에 대한 주제로 출제되는 질문들은 보통 " 술마셨던 경험 " 이나 " 친구 / 가족과 식당에 갔던 경험 " 으로 답변할 수 있어, 다른 주제들에 비해서 답변하기 쉽습니다. 하지만, " 술 마신 경험 " 이나 " 친구 / 가족과 식당에 갔던 경험 " 에 대한 답변을 잘 준비하지 않았다면, 답변하는데 어려움이 있겠죠. ^^

오늘 준비한 3 가지의 질문에서 위의 경험들로 답변한 질문이 있기때문에, 도움이 되는 문장 또는 문법이 있으면 오픽 시험에서 활용하여 좋은 등급을 받으시기 바랍니다. ^^

그럼, 이제부터 오픽 시험준비 28 일차 공부 내용을 포스팅하도록 하겠습니다.

가족 / 친구 묘사

Describe a family or a friend you have.
What is he or she like ?
What is special about that person ?

Let me tell you about my parents.

My mom and dad are similar in some ways.
First, they are very family oriented.
They like to have family gatherings.
Plus, they are both very active.
They like to go on trips.
On the other hands, my mom and dad are different in some ways.
First, my mom likes coffee, but my dad doesn't.
Plus, my dad likes movies, but my mom doesn't.

So, my mom and dad have some similarities and some differences.

in some way 

어떤 점에서는 

family oriented 


family gathering 

가족 모임 



가족 / 친구와 최근에 했던 일들 묘사

Talk about what you did with your family members or friends recently.
Tell me everything about the activities you did with them.

My friends and i had a gathering near my studio recently.
We went to a decent barbeque restaurant.
The place was well - known for Korean style pork belly called 삼겹살.
They had the best 삼겹살 in town.
We grilled the meat on the grill ourselves.
The meat was so juicy and tender.
The food tasted extra good that day because i was starving.

So, i had a very pleasant dinner.

well known 

잘 알려진 











가족 / 친구의 집에 최근 방문했던 경험 묘사

Talk about a time when you visited a friend or a family member recently.
What did you do when you visited them ?
What was memorable about that visit ?
Tell me everything from beginning to end.

I remember going to my friend's house recently.

We had dinner and had some drinks together.
The food and drinks tasted extra good that day because i  was starving.
We ended up drinking quite a lot.
I got drunk because i drank too much.
My stomach was upset.
I felt dizzy and couldn't walk straight.
I got into trouble because i got home too late.
I had a hangover the next day.
It took me quite a while to sober up.

Since than, i try not to drink too much.



ended up ~ ing 

결국 ~ 하게 되다. 

get drunk 


stomach is upset 

배탈이 나다. 

get into trouble 

곤경에 빠지다. 



the next day 

그 다음날 

quite a while 


sober up 

술이 깨다. 



로그인 하지않고 클릭할 수 있는 " 공감 " 은 TBG 에 큰 힘이 됩니다. ^^

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